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Most of the time, an ordinary home in the metro is besieged by problems of congestion and criminal activities. On the other hand, a residential unit in Eton Residences promises to be the total opposite of that. To accomplish this goal, this condominium property has included several amenities inside its premises to enhance the way you live your life. With these amenities at your beck and call, you and your family will definitely have a good reason to spend that long weekend at home.

Speaking of long weekends, most people would use this time to drive up to the beach and have the time of their lives there. Your future home in Eton Residences Greenbelt tops that idea by giving you access to swimming pools within its premises. These pools both cater to adults and children, giving you’re the vacation experience without all of the hassle. Plus, you’ll have an easier time relaxing and letting all of that stress go with the help of outdoor spa kiosks, Jacuzzi areas, and a meditation garden. These amenities guarantee all the comfort, convenience, and relaxation you need during your leisure time.

Children and kids at heart will be glad to know their spare time is way better here in Eton Residences Greenbelt. Young children can use a playground in this property and play to their heart’s desire. For everyone else, there’s a dedicated game room where you can spend a whole afternoon with your friends without disturbing anyone.

Staying fit is harder these days due to a wide range of unhealthy habits we keep on practicing. That won’t be the case here in Eton Residences Greenbelt because you can avail the use of a fitness center. This facility houses various fitness machines that are designed to keep you in shape. Residents of Eton Residences Greenbelt are free to use this facility anytime they want for their own benefit and welfare.

Celebrating special occasions is easy when you have a home in this condominium. In fact, you can use a dedicated function hall in Eton Residences Greenbelt to celebrate any important occasion. You no longer need to wait a long time to have a place reserved, save lots of money for it, and be far away from home all at the same time. Instead, you and your loved ones will have a more comfortable and convenient time celebrating the very best this life has to offer you.

There’s nothing better than to live in a community where world-class amenities are just within your reach. Here in Eton Residences Greenbelt, you can access all of these amenities any day of the week. Say goodbye to that boring weekend or expensive getaway to the beach because everything you need for your relaxation and recreation is already here.

  • Adult Pool and Children's Pool
  • Function Hall
  • Zen-Inspired Meditation Garden
  • Fitness Center
  • Game Room
  • Outdoor Spa Kiosks and Jacuzzi
  • Multi-purpose Lawn
  • Children's Playground
  • Water Feature
  • Wi-Fi Ready
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